Hey guys, it has been a little over 3 years since I got my GED. I was out of high school for around 7 or 8 years prior and dealing with some difficult situations between that time frame. Between having 2 pretty major disabilities, my parents splitting up, dealing with peers, etc... I just couldn't handle school. My step mother helped me alot I think it took about 2 weeks getting prepped at home with a GED study book. I went to the local GED/family education center for about 2-3 days to take the practice test which shocked me when they told me they feel I'm more than capable taking the GED. It was mainly a shock because I did not feel like I was smart enough and I absolutely loathe tests, 1 of my disabilities is Aspergers as well so that does not help. I ended up scoring around 575-630 on the tests which isn't too bad I guess but feel I could have done better than I did. So, take it from someone who felt incapable of achieving anything that you can do it.

Here is what helped me through it
-Stay positive, it really helps with nerves especially if you're bad at tests like me.
-Make sure you have your stuff you need the night before the test that way you don't need to worry about it in the morning.
-Wake up about 2 hours early so you can take care of what you need; breakfast, coffee, read over notes, etc...
-If you smoke make sure to grab 1 on the way or at home because they only give breaks between sections.
-After a section if you have time left scan over the answers. Don't worry about it too much though because I missed a few questions by second guessing myself.
-Stay focused on the test, don't be distracted by others. I had that problem on mine because alot of the people were talking in groups or hiding their phones, but what do you expect from kids.

I hope this helps a bit and believe me it raised my confidence level alot
Hi Ryan,

   Those are all excellent suggestions; thank you so much for sharing them! I love hearing stories like yours. I talk to GED students all the time and I can tell you, the number one thing holding anyone back from getting their GED is their self-doubt. Anyone can do most anything they put their mind to.

You did get good scores as well, Ryan.

~ Kirsten
GED Academy
Catherine Osborn
I wanted to agree with this post and add a tip or two. 

I was actually a good student. I got really good grades until family problems made everything fall apart in my junior year. About four years later, I really regretted dropping out. 

I guess I wasn't too worried about passing the GED because I was really pretty good at school. My main problem was getting back into the habit of studying.

I used a GED prep book, which gave some structure to what I was learning. I also used a free online tool called Lexicon (http://lexicon.geknowm.com/) for memorizing key words and ideas. I chose the terms I wanted to remember by using the GED book as a guide. In Lexicon, you just typed in a word you wanted to study and Lexicon would give you a deifnition to study along with a bunch of other words and concepts that were related. After you studied these, you could test yourself at learning the concepts.  

What I found out was that I really could get back to thinking like a student. Now I've started junior college at American River College in Sacramento. Eventually, I want to do a college degree in some branch of science, probably entomology. Although I know I've lost time, I'm not alone. Lots of other people got started a bit late. Don't let that put you off.

Even if you don't want to go to college, the GED is like a ticket to more jobs. Don't give up.
Your words are very encouraging, Catherine. Thank you for sharing your story!

Kirsten Thomas
GED Academy
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