I was 15 almost 16 when I dropped out of high school. The reasons for dropping out are many. I have 3 older brothers and I was the youngest of us all. The first day I walked into my new high school. I was approached by the officer that worked at are school, the principal, the vice principal, and the guidance counselor. They asked me if I was Anita of course I said I was. They asked if I was related to and then stated my brothers names. I said yes are they ok now mind you I was surround by my friends excited and scared at the same time on our first day of High School. They said yes there fine we just wanted you to know that we got our eye on you. I was confused and horrified at what they said around my friends. I didn't really understand what they meant by that comment. I just ignored it and moved on with my day. I went to class after class and it kept eating at me. So at lunch I went to the principal office and I asked what they meant. He told me that my brothers where trouble and always have been and they were going to make sure that they kept there eye out for me as well. I was extremely hurt by that statement. I told him that I wasn't them I was ANITA! I am my own person and I don't behave like they have in the past. Every kid deserves a chance and no TAG should be put on them that there bad because of who anybody is in there family. From that day forward I always had a teacher eating with me or waiting outside the bathroom for me looking for any way to get me in trouble it seemed. So I dropped out I was tried of being bullied by the people that was suppose to be helping me. I lost countless friends over this cause who wants to hang out with a kid that is being followed by the adults of the school. I felt defeated and gave up. Now it is almost 13 years later and I'm finally doing it. I called a ged place that is free as long as you get a score of 450 or more on your practice test. I passed all of them but my math and my essay so I have to pay 10.00 a piece for those test. A few days after my practice test I went to take the real ged however I didn't have time to finish all 5 in one day. So I took Social Studies & Science I got a 510 in SS and a 500 in Science. The next day I took Math and Reading I got a 420 in math and a 690 in reading. The last I have to do is my essay and that is the one that is going to be hard for me. I'm sure I can and will do it. I just wanted to post this so that everybody knows its never to late and even if you got a label put on you when you were younger because of somebody else doesn't mean that label has to stick. When I get my ged I plan on going back to my old school and showing them that they may have knocked me down but they didn't and wont keep me DOWN!
Hi Anita, thank you for sharing your story. I talk with GED students all day, and I think a lot of people would be surprised to hear all the stories of times high school really let people down: one way or another. Good for you for deciding to pick yourself up and take charge of your future! You already have some great scores, you're almost there! [smile] Let us know how your writing section goes.

Kirsten Thomas
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Dave Elliott
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Thank you for sharing this. I need some inspiration and reading this really helped me to feel like I have not been knocked down. I had similar struggle in high school and I am also the youngest of my three older brothers. So I know how they can build a reputation for you. It's not so fair that people judge other people by the way their siblings act but it's life.

So thank you again for sharing I really do appreciate it more than you know


Thanks for writing. You're not knocked down, Dave, and you can get your GED certificate. It doesn't matter what, or how, your brothers did before you--what matters is what you do now! If you want to read some more inspirational success stories go to this link.

If you need help studying, please consider our online program, GED Academy.

Robb Vancil
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