What a great site this is.......anyway, does anyone know if, on the essay question, the " 5 paragraph' format that is used on the SAT is desirable/sufficient for the GED ?...Thanks. Eric

Leonard Williams
Hi! The 5-paragraph essay format is very suitable for the GED essay exam, but it isn't required. It's a good structure because it has an obvious, easily-followed organization and can help a writer develop a topic, and it's about the right length for a good GED essay.

The weakness of the 5-paragraph essay is that a lot of people follow it by rote without thinking about the idea they're developing...they end up making their introduction boring and their conclusion redundant. I think that's more to do with how the 5-paragraph essay is usually taught...all emphasis on following an "essay diagram" and no emphasis on good content and being interesting. But that's just a pet peeve of mine.

Honestly, if you're familiar and comfortable with the five-paragraph essay, then, yes, it's the best bet for the GED essay exam.

Good luck!
Leonard  Williams
The GED Academy


How long do have to write essay for the ged and how long the essay has to be

Leonard Williams
Hi! The timed essay is 45 minutes. There isn't a length requirement for the essay, but essays that are very short (a paragraph or so) generally don't get a very high score. A good aim is a four or five paragraph essay, with an introduction, two or three body paragraphs, and a conclusion...around 4-5 sentences per paragraph. Basically, you want the essay to have a good structure, be easy to follow, and stay on your main idea, using details to develop it.
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