Hi guys,

I thought I'd join in. I moved to the US for years ago and always ha going to college in the back of my head but apparently my foreign school diploma is, against my expectations, not an equivalent to the US high school diploma - I still think that's not true and the person did not know what they were doing, but hey - it's all good.

I started from almost scratch: I've been out of school since 2006 and of course I am also not a native English speaker (although I definitely don't require an ESL program).

Well, I started studying with different self-study guides and went from "oh god how do you divide on paper" to scoring between 70-90% on each math practice test I that recently took! In addition to that, I've scored the same on the other topics!

I am scheduled for a practice exam at the institution I will take the test on 3/18 and am super excited! I feel well-prepared and hope I can start school in the fall.

Just thought I'd throw this out there we can do it!!
Great work, Marilyn! I think the most important part of being successful with your GED studies is to have a good attitude. You've got that nailed down, and look how well you're doing!

Let us know how the practice test goes!

Kirsten Thomas
GED Academy
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