Jeff Caterson
Ok, since it seems there is literally no discussion about this question on the internet... anywhere... I guess I will start one, and hopefully get a quick response as my math and writing tests are tomorrow morning!!! 

I just took the practice test, without any studying, and I haven't been in school for over 8 years now, and I got an 89% average, I haven't taken the time to break down the averages for each portion, but for example I only missed two math questions, & one of them I simply didn't realize I selected the incorrect formula to express the statement as an equation. Can I take a chill pill now, because although I never thought I would be nervous to take the test, I'm realizing that I am.
Thanks in advance for any response

I know that it's more complex than just saying you have to get 65% of the questions correct to pass, but should I be confident that I will pass without much hesitation?
Kit Parker
Hey Jeff,
I hope this reaches you in time for your tests tomorrow. Congrats on doing so well on the practice tests, those scores sound promising. That said, it really depends on which practice test you took. There are a variety of practice tests that you can take to predict GED scores and they all range in accuracy. Probably the most related to actual scores is the official GED practice test that you usually have to take in person at a testing center (just like the test). This has the highest accuracy as the questions are very similar and one often takes this practice test in the same setting as the actual test. Without knowing more about which practice test you are referring to, I can't offer any promises. BUT I can tell you if you are doing fairly well on practice tests, there is a good chance you will do about the same on the actual GED test as there should be no reason for any practice test providers to make tests overly easy or hard.

We wish you luck on your GED test. If you need to do some brushing up before moving on to the other sections of the test be sure to check out the GED Academy online accelerated preparation program at:

Kit Parker
GED Academy
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