Hey I am really bad at reading and writing. I am scared to take my GED reading and writing tests. Is there any advice anyone can give me to help me out? I have a hard time comprehending what I read how can i learn to comprehend what I read better? I have no clue when to put commons, semi-colons, and not have run on sentences (i know to put commons for lists) for my essays? I need major help.
Cathi Von
Dear Jasmine,

The first step is knowing your weakness and focusing your study. Reading and writing can be a challenge. Enrolling in our program, GED Academy, will help! We cover punctuation, essay writing, and reading comprehension as well as Math, Science and Social Studies. I encourage you to read, read and read some more! The more you read, the more your comprehension will improve.

Also, here are some websites that have tips on increasing your reading comprehension:

How to Improve Your Reading Comprehension

Strategies to Improve Reading Comprehension and Retention

Let me know if you have any questions! You can call me at 800 460-8150.


     Thank you for your helpful advice.
Well, being prepared for the GED like you, one source that helped me a lot was just to read as much as i could...That made me improve my degree of comprehension on whatever matter I read (news, books, articles and so on and so forth.).
Good luck with.
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I have three little sisters between the ages of 5-11. I can't get much reading in with them asking a million questions every 5 minutes. Thank you for the advice though Carlos.
Cathi Von
Hi Jasmine,

Yes, I bet that can be challenging with three little sisters around. One idea is to read out loud to them. Reading out loud is a great way to improve your comprehension! I bet they would enjoy it as well and what a great example to encourage their interest in reading! You could pick different books according to what would interest you and your sisters (even the 11 year old might still enjoy some fun picture books.) There are wonderful chapter books for kids. (Magic Treehouse series, Little House on the Prairie series) Your local library should have a selection to chose from. (A library card for all of you would be awesome, too!)

I wish you the best, Jasmine!
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