Karl Burditt
I'm having trouble in the ( Extended Response) part of the GED test and was asked about my old school records showing that I have learning disabilities . I just cannot seem to pass the test that have the extended response parts, after 7 different attempts at the test, I finally admit I need accommodation help with and for this. Anyone care to talk with me about this please ?
Cathi Von
Hi Karl,

Thanks for writing. Here is a link about the accommodations that the GED Testing Service offers:


This includes information on how to request accommodations and what types of accommodations are offered. You will need to provide written documentation from an evaluator (i.e. doctor, psychologist).

Good for you to keep working at this. Have you taken classes to prepare? There are a number of ways that students prepare for the GED test: Take a class at a community college or adult ed center, work with a tutor, study through a workbook, use an online study program like ours, GED Academy. You need to decide what works best for you!

I wish you the best!
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