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Hi I know u have repeated alot of this a millions times but I took my GED in Texas can u please tell me how I can get a copy of mine cuz I have lost it when I moved....thank u so very much!!

Hi Keyana! You can find the official Texas GED certificate/transcript request form here:

Just fill out the form and mail it to:
PO Box 13717
Austin, TX  78711

There's a $5 fee for the certificate. It takes about 3 weeks. There's more information at the page I linked to above, including information about online verification if you need to use your GED right away for school or work.

Best of luck!

gregory alan savage
I got my ged at humm fogg school in nashville tenn in the 70s.
I lost my documentation and can't find it online. What can I do?
Hi Gregory! It looks like there's a transcript request form for Hume-Fogg that you can use to get your GED scores. Here's the link:

If you have questions, contact the Metropolitan Nashville Schools records center listed at the top of the form: (615)259-4636


I took the GED in Hawaii,Wailuku Maui. 1985ish thinking about collage. Can you help? Leonard, thanks for what you're doing here.

Erica Leonard

I was wondering how to get a copy of my GED that I took in 2008. I live and took the test in Hillsborough county. Thank you for all the help you can help me with.
Lois Endres
I was married to a Navy guy & got my GED on the base in San Diego 1965 is there any way I can get a copy - i have called everyone I found on line.   Not having the GED is keeping me from getting a job.

Thank you,
Hi, I took my G.E.D. in TN through the military. The facility was towards Hendersonville Tn
Hi! Krys, how to get a copy of your military GED depends on when you took it. Active duty U.S. military personnel tested after Oct. 1, 1985 can get their transcript through the GED testing service request form here:

If you took your GED before that, you'll need to go though the state of Tennessee, and that means contacting the local test center. The nearest test center I see to Hendersonville is Volunteer St. Comm. College, 1480 Nashville Pike, Gallatin, TN 37066, 615/230-3484... If this isn't the right test center, you can check the test center locator to find the right one:

If you took your GED prior to 1974, try Prometric's transcript request form:

Now for Lois... because you took your GED at a military base, it's possible that you can also find your transcript through Prometric, which has military GED records prior to 1974:

California keeps its GED records through ETS, but I'm thinking you've already tried them. In case you haven't, here is their info:

Toll-free 866-370-4740
ETS - GED Records Center
P. O. Box 4005
Concord, CA 94524-4005

If you can't find it in either place, you should contact the test center at the base. I know... older GED records are hard to track down!

Erica... sorry I've been away from the forum so long. In Hawaii, you should contact your testing center. On Maui, this should be the testing center contact info:
Maui Community School for Adults
179 Kaahumanu Street
Kahului, Hawaii 96732
Telephone: 873-3082

Good luck everyone!
Oops, the Hawaii info in my last reply is for Jason.

Erica, I assume you're in Florida? You can use the Florida Department of Education request form to get a copy of your transcript. All the information you need is here:

Good luck again!

I received my GED in a federal Prison in Salters, South Carolina. After i moved to Philadelphia I realized that I have lost the only copy that I had. How would I go about applying for a duplicate?   
jimmie dunn
hi my name is miss jimmie dunn i took and passed my ged in 1981 and,the college that i'm trying to get in can not find it the place were i took it is torn down the teacher my be dead i need to find it please help me!!!!!!!!!!!!THANK YOU miss jimmie dunn
Mark, you should be able to get a copy of your GED from the ACE, as long as you took it after 1954. The form to request a copy is at:

If you took it before 1954, you'll need to contact the correctional facility.

Jimmie, it's hard to give you specific information without knowing the state or area where you took your GED. Most states have centralized records, so that you can get a copy of your GED from the state education department. To find out where to go for your state, go to this page and scroll down to the listing for your state:
Most states have a link to their GED testing bureau website, and for every state there's contact information for the GED administrator. You might find a very clear, easy way to get your copy of your GED on their website, or you might have to call for more information. On the webpage, you can also find a current testing center near where you took the test. They also might be able to help you.
Hello, I took my GED in Long Beach Job Corps. I now live in San Diego and am in the process of enrolling into a culinary school, and just realized id misplaced the certificate. any orientation to where i could get it would be great.
i have contacted the state of MA to get my GED copy. i took it in 1978 but they are telling me there is no record of it.  Now i know i took it becasue i went into the military in 1978 and you cant go in the military without a high school education or a GED Can anyone help me with this?
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