I am taking the second part of the GED-Test, including math, in about 3 weeks. I am still not that brilliant in math. So i would like to be sure about, how many mistakes I can make in math to pass?

I am studying with different GED self study books. In one of them, the "Kaplan Self-Study Guide", is written, that there are only 21 correct answers in math necessary to pass the test. I can not really believe that. That's more than half of all the questions you can have wrong?? On the internet I read something of 30 correct answers. So now I am pretty confused.

Please help me on that one.

Thanks in advance.

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The problem with understanding GED scoring is that there's no simple "here's how many you need right" number. How many questions will mean a passing score depends on the specific version of the test you're taking and how difficult the questions on that version are. The GED tests are calibrated based on testing the questions with many students, and like when a teacher grades on a curve, the passing score depends on how well other students do on the test.

The other thing to consider is what score you need to pass. If you've done well enough in your other subjects, that is, 460 or above average scores on the other tests, then you need only a 410 to pass. If you've been getting only an average of 450 in your other subjects, then you'll need a 450 in the math test, too... or at least a high enough score to get an average of 450 on all the tests.

That said, passing scores on the GED typically fall into a certain range of correct answers. A 410 can be from around 21-30 questions correct, while a 450 can be from around 29-36. So, when you read "21" one place and "30" another, they're not giving you the whole picture... They're giving you approximate scores to get 410 on different tests. The good news is, the version of the test that you need 30 right on will be generally easier, while the version where you need 21 right will be harder.

The best way to prepare and to preview your score is to take a practice test that will translate your score as an estimated GED score.

Best wishes! Let us know when you pass.


hey, good luck leonard on your test. I am taking the test this week and is very nervous and anxious, so let me know how you got through your anxiety if you experience any. please respond back to my response.

Kit Parker
Hey Payton,
Test anxiety is something I have always struggled with. The thing that has helped me the most is to get over-prepared. To make sure I know and am confident about all of the subjects I am testing in, so then I know that even if I get nervous, I can afford to make some anxiety induced mistakes. My advice is to study study study and practice taking tests until you feel confident in your ability to pass. Then, when you go to take the test, remember to breathe
Here are some tips from Leonard on test anxiety that may help you as well:

Good luck on your test Payton!


i dont know if this one is real accredited school tho

Kit Parker
Hey Rubben,
That is definitely something to watch out for! There are so many scam schools out there so it is smart to be wary. What you should know is that the GED test cannot be taken online or from home, there are tons of fake schools out there (some even make up accreditation!) and if it seems to good to be true...well it probably is!

The GED Academy is an online study program created for students with busy lives who cant take time off work/life to go to classes. You can study online and get completely prepared quickly for your GED test, then all you have to do is go take the final GED test at a testing center in your area.

I hope that helps with some of your concerns. Again, it is very smart to be wary. If you want to discuss the program and your options with a teacher here at the GED Academy don't hesitate to call 1-800-460-8150. We're here to help.



i took the math ged test yesterday the test was pretty tricky i pass everything else but i sure hope i pass that math it seems like it got harder

Kit Parker
Hey Kiss,
Congrats on taking the GED test and passing most of the subjects! Hopefully you get good news back regarding the math section. It can be pretty tough but I bet if you prepared you'll soon get news that you achieved a passing score.

So what are your plans now? Are you planning to go on to College or a better job? My advice: don't let anything hold you back when it comes to continuing education. Always keep learning Good luck to you!

~Kit Parker
GED Academy

Rissa Beasley

omg i took my GED test today. the writing and reading i took that with much confidence! i love them subjects! when i got to science and social was like i knew it but then again i had to dig in to to it. i was sooo dugged into it i was loosing time on the test .. both of them..i take my math next week and i get my scores for reading, writning, social studies, and science on March 1st. =/ mmm wiish me luck

Trevor Forbess
Hey Rissa,

That's great that you felt confident with the material.  Keep working hard as you study for the math section.  I always find that the more I study for something, the more confident I feel with the material.  Good luck on your math test!  
I took the g.ed test March 6 and 
420 language arts reading
Science 410
Social studies 420
Didn't pass language arts writing or math..
I'm really up set about it I went to the library today and got a study book for those
What is the score Ill have to get on both test to pass the g.e.d?
Plan on taking the next test in may..?

Kit Parker
Hey Adysen,
It sounds like you did great in the reading sections of the test. Good job on passing those! Writing and Math are the toughest subjects on the test for most students, so don't feel bad that you didn't pass the first time. Study up in those sections, take a few practice tests to be sure you are ready and go pass that test!

You need a battery average of 450 to pass the GED test. Since you already passed 3 sections, you only have to retake the remaining 2 sections but you need a cumulative score of 2250 (in all 5 subjects).... Let's do a little math problem together

What we know:
-need 2250 total
-need minimum 410 in each subject
-5 subjects
-you already scored 410, 420, 420.

How to find what you need...
2250 (total needed) minus 410+420+420 (already scored/passed)=  ?


It looks like you need 1000 more points on your last 2 subjects to pass the entire GED. If we divide this in half, that would mean you need about 500 points on the math and writing sections to pass.

So, you have a couple options.
1. You could study really hard and go pass the writing and math sections with high scores of at least 500 each.
2. You could study hard and pass the writing and math sections with good scores AND retake one of the other sections like reading or science or social studies to try to achieve a higher score. By retaking one of the sections you have already taken you can boost your score in that area to bring up your cumulative and not put so much pressure on the math and writing sections.

You have a few things to consider. Just remember-you can do it! I would advise talking with a GED teacher about your options and what would be best for you. Contact the testing center where you want to retake the test at and see if they can help you. The GED Academy also has a wonderful online preparation program that will get you completely prepared and teachers are here to help you if you have questions.

Good luck as you work towards passing the GED Test!

~Kit Parker
GED Academy

I took my Social Studies, Science and Language Arts: Reading last Saturday on March the 24th. I already got my results in, and I PASSED!! This GED course has helped me, I know it! Most of the questions were nearly identical. Actually, for the reading, the "passged" course is more difficult than the actual test, which is great, because it really prepared me. Here are my scores: SS: 580, Science: 670, Reading: 800. I am shocked that I got such good scores. 
I am terribly nervous for my math test though. I go in this Saturday to take it, and I am freaked out.  And I am also wondering how many do I have to get right in order to pass?
Kit Parker
Sounds like you absolutely rocked that test! We are all so proud of you here at the GED Academy. How did the Math portion go for you? I bet you passed that part with flying colors too! Did you know a score of 800 on the Reading section is a perfect score? That means you answered every single question correct. GO YOU!!! You're studying has really paid off.
So, what's your next step? Are you looking forward to all the great jobs you now qualify for or are you off to college to continue your academic pursuits? Keep us posted on your progress, we love to hear about how GED Academy students are doing.
Congrats congrats congrats!!!!


Jessica m.
Hi, I've Passed all the test on my GED except math. My score are language Arts,Writing 490,Social studies 450,Science 520,language Arts, Reading 540 and Math 360 the first time and 380 the second this is the ladt time this year I can test I REALLY! would like to pass the lady that gave the test said I only had to get 30 right. I need some advice on the math I study at home alone and once a week with my friends how do you pass?
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