My 16 year old son scored a 634 composite (600 Reading, 540 Writing, 720 Math, 650 Science, and 660 Social Studies) on test taken two weeks ago..I believe this is pretty good, but is there an equivalent GPA or % ranking that the 634 can tie to ? Thanks

Leonard Williams
Hi! Good question. The GED scores can't be converted into GPAs easily, but the GED score can be converted into a percentile ranking. The percentile ranking shows what percentage of people scored less that your son, so a 90th percentile ranking means that your son is in the top 10% (90% of students scored lower). Only about 2% of students score higher than a 700, so scores in the 600s are very good...about 15% of students score in the 600s.

The standard scores are based on the sample scores of graduating high school seniors, so I can give you an approximate percentile of what the scores mean in relationship to the graduating seniors the test was ranked against. Your son's average score can be interpreted as around the 90th other words, that he would score in the top 10% of his class...this number might be a little off since it's based on figures for single tests, not the combined test, but it's a fair way to estimate.

Here's a rough breakout for single test scores:

640 - 95th percentile
620 - 90th percentile
580 - 80th percentile
570 - 75th percentile
540 - 67th percentile
530 - 60th percentile
500 - 50th percentile
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