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  • Studying for GED

    by Unathi in Welcome to Message Board: Can one study the GED in six months? Or that is impossible?

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  • Lost my Ged!

    by Annie Hamler in GED Information: I lost my copy of my Ged. I took in Hattiesburg Ms around 1992-1994.

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  • Help

    by Austen in GED Information: I took my GED test in a county jail in Virginia back in 1999. Now I would like to attend college but I don't know who to contact to receive a copy of...

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  • Lost GED

    by Linda hasten in GED Information: I took my GED in 1988-1989. I live in SanDiego,Ca. Contacted the school and Sacramento Board of Education. No one can help me. It's like I never had...

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  • Study Buddies

    by Ciara in Welcome to Message Board: Would like a study buddy,someone I can talk to about work,and maybe get and give help to!!!!

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  • Looking for study buddies

    by Joshua Manasco in Welcome to Message Board: Hey, what's up everyone? My name is Joshua, I Am 19 and lve in Texas. I am looking for some study buddies, and just some people who share the same...

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  • My score

    by Mausami in GED Stories: I have taken my GED after 2014, and scored between 145-150 in 2subjects. And according to new law, if I have taken GED after 2014 and scored above...

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  • Ged fail

    by Nelly in GED Stories: The test said I failed right. I passed math science social studies language art but failed writing . Does that mean I have to retake the whole test...

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  • Ged 1984

    by Fakain84 in GED Test Information: Who was the Ged administrator in 1984 in the state of California? You know the official signature and name on your GED certificate? I have searched...

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  • 1999 GED Test AT

    by Kim in GED Test Information: I'm curious to know what my scores mean. English 52 Soc Studies 56 Science 54 Literature 60 Math 58 Total 280 I know a min of 40-45 is...

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  • need help finding GED RECORDS to keep working.

    by mark Nixon in GED Information: Helping girlfriend acquire her GED records which she took test back in mid 80s. She lost or misplaced during her move. She needs this proof for the...

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  • Records from 1990

    by Michele in Welcome to Message Board: I took the GED on May 3, 1990 on Subic Bay Naval Base, Philippines. My score was given back to me and I was told I had to mail my results with a...

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  • Lost transcripts

    by Michele in Welcome to Message Board: I'm in search for my GED transcripts or Diploma. I took my test in May of 1990 at Central Texas College, Subic Bay Naval Base, Philippines. I have...

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  • GED from 1990

    by Michele in Welcome to Message Board: I took my GED on May 3, 1990 on Subic Bay Naval Base, Philippines. I requested for ny transcripts from myGed, com and they can not locate my records....

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  • lost ged from navy

    by Linda in GED Articles: I'm trying to get a copy of my husbands ged from the navy in the early 80's can you help? I am not able to find link from the Ace website that was...

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  • GED in french

    by Alassane in GED Information: Hi my name is Alasane and i would like to know is it possible to take the GED test in french?

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  • Looking into the program

    by Nikit in Welcome to Message Board: Hi, I'm really needing my GED. I've been to the testing center, an taken a littl test to see where I need to study. Mostly math and apparently social...

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  • 1 down 3 to go!!!

    by Janna in GED Stories: Well, I have just passed my first test! I took the Social Studies test last Friday and passed. I have to admit it was harder than I thought it...

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  • Prices

    by Leila in Welcome to Message Board: I have two children that are currently homeschooled, and I was wondering if there is a pricing difference if I sign them both up. I found the price...

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  • should i be woried

    by Crystal in Feedback: so I did my test yesterday and out of all the others that did theirs mine was taken to be hand graded I wont have my test back for a week. Do you...

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  • need a copy of my GED

    by maria zaporta in GED Information: I am applying for a county job here in Suffolk county new York and I need my certificate in order to apply . I believe it was 1982 when I took the...

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  • Is GED 2002 accepted in the USA.

    by Daniel in GED Stories: I am a US citizen living abroad with my family for the last few years. I'm living in Bangladesh and attending at a local school. I'm planing to move...

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  • Progress

    by Carmen in Welcome to Message Board: Does anyone feel as if that red bar never moves??

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  • Ged classes

    by Kiara in Welcome to Message Board: To whom it may concern, Im trying to reach jobs plus to get information to start ged classes by Next month, anyone with information please Reply....

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  • copies of GED transcripts

    by Anthony Sanchez in GED Information: I passed the GED in Avenal State Prison in California in 1998. I lost my copy of my certificate. Now I'm TRYING to ho to college, but need a copy of...

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