• The GED paper thing.

    by Jacob Rezac: I just passed all my tests and live in Minnesota, do I need to fill something out or will I automatically receive my GED?

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  • should i be woried

    by Crystal: so I did my test yesterday and out of all the others that did theirs mine was taken to be hand graded I wont have my test back for a week. Do you...

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    Started by Crystal

  • Spanish version

    by Jose: Wish there was a spanish version. But they have a way to make the voices repeat so it really is help with my english.

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    Started by Jose

  • Issues with the the "review" of practice tests in regards to incorrect answers + question about the time allowed for practice tests

    by James: Hi, I recently (last night), purchased the GED Academy Test Prep program. After purchasing I decided to begin with the Social Studies Goal as a...

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  • I cant find GED !

    by Kevin E.: I cant find GED records or 7001 GED program that I attended in Petersburg Va. in 1978, I've just had an interview and its the only thing standing in...

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  • Canceling/Refunding

    by Ben: Hi, My concerns are that I had previously thought this site was to acquire a GED, not to study for said GED. I have studied for my GED and prepared...

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  • Questions about the Program

    by Ana: I have a daughter whom we are thinking of withdrawing from high school and working to prepare her for the GED. How exactly does this program work? ...

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    Started by Ana

  • Suggestion for the chat room

    by Gregory Kim: Hello, I think NOBODY is ever using the chat room. First of all, chat room is hard to find because, made with way too small text and located at very...

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  • Is this program really works?

    by Gregory: Hello my name is Gregory and I'm home schooled individual never went to school since I graduated elementary school. (In here, I have a long story....

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    Started by Gregory

  • math

    by Katherine: I'm Canadian, the only thing I use feet for is measuring my height. Other then that I don't know anything about your system. Your "understanding...

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    Started by Katherine

  • About the courses

    by Eddie Hellstrom: I just finished my first math course and when I got to the questions and answered them it said that some of my answers were incorrect even though ...

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    Started by Eddie Hellstrom

  • New to the program and have a question?

    by Nick: Sometime when I go to the "Online Courses" and I complete the course along with all the questions I get this message, "You haven't...

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    Started by Nick

  • Just started the program and have a question?

    by Nick: Why is it that I go all the way threw the Online Courses then when I've competed the course the window comes up saying "You haven't completed...

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    Started by Nick

  • to the students of home study program

    by marian: hello there everyone! i just want to greet you first a good day! By the way, we are having a research regarding home study programs. if you will...

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  • Did the GED program offered here help you or not?

    by KFC: I would like to hear from people who have used it.....I want to know if it helped or not + is it worth the money?.....I don't want to get ripped...

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    Started by KFC

  • Tracking results

    by Val: Am I doing something wrong? We have multiple computers in our home, as well as multiple online students. So sometimes it's not convenient to use the...

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  • Got my GED!

    by Evan: I wanted to thank you guys for your great courses. They really helped me a lot. I passed the GED with a score of 2645.

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    Started by Evan

  • casio calculators

    by Michael: I'm currently studying "Mathematics courses - about numbers" Unit 1-9 using casio calculators: Quiz 4 and 9. Quiz 4 The problem shows...

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  • Online Math Tutor

    by Guido Feliz, Jr: My name is Guido Feliz, Jr. I can help students with GED math questions online. If you are a GED student and have problem with math questions, let...

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  • BAD

    by Jackson: I never did good in high school. Too much happening and it was BORING. These GED study courses aren't boring. They got these students and you...

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    Started by Jackson

  • Basic courses?

    by Ruth: I'm an older student - 45 yrs. old, and I have trouble with the learning cuz its been a long time since i was in school. I wish they had more basic...

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    Started by Ruth

  • Took the course

    by Tiffany: I bought this program last month and like it. Some things are hard, but they explain it good so I got it after a couple of times. I like that it...

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    Started by Tiffany

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