• GED math

    I just recently finished a medical assistant school and need my GED for employment I have the most trouble with math I have a Kaplan Ged book is...

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  • I need help -- money wise

    Ok I've been wanting to take my GED for a long time now I just barely dropped out (in the 10th grade) because of family problems. And my...

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    I took the exam on december 14-15. When can I expect the grades to arrive? Also I tried calling the department of GED, the automated message required...

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  • Test Schedualing

    If I can pass like the Science and the one of the others then I should go ahead and take the tests even though I will not pass all of them? Then will...

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  • Test Question

    I was wondering, if you can take like, the science test and not take the others untill the next year, that way, if you on;y have time to prepare for...

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  • Edited American English

    What is Edited American English exactly?

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  • GED scoring, 450 out of what?

    Hello, I know a composite score of at least 450 must be achieved to pass the GED, but out of how much? In other words, what is the highest...

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  • Schedual

    I have the "Complete GED Prep" book and the "How to Prepare for the GED" e-book and the practice tests and then the courses with...

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  • GED questions

    On the passged website it said the GED math test wouldn't be that hard because even if you hadn't learned some of the stuff or didn't remember it you...

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  • test 1

    I think that the GED system is wrong. I took all 5 test in 1 day, pass all but 1. the test that i didn't pass is language arts/writing. The essay...

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  • Is the GED the same as a High School Diploma?

    Is the GED and the High School Diploma one in the same? I've heard the High School Diploma is better than the GED? I'm confused. Can anyone please...

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  • payments and shipments


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  • Some One Please Help I Don't Understand This???

    Hey to every one who reads this can some one please tell me like can we get are GED at this site or is this like just to study I really need to know...

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  • Dictionary with the writing test?


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  • Level of testing??

    Hi! My questions are: what level are all the subjects? Is the testing in math alg 2? geometry, agl 1?? And what about science?? thanks, ...

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  • Passed Test, but wants a higher score

    Hello, I was wondering if anyone could answer my questions pretaining to the GED Test. I've taken the test already and passed with a 3100. However...

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  • GED Scoring equal to?

    I'm helping my best friend to get GED and she has been out of school for some time..We got the GED book and I had her take the pre-tests to see what...

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  • Retaking sections and study guides

    Hello First off I would like to commend Sherman for the service he is doing. I know I speak for many when I say thank you for answering everyones...

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  • Retaking sections and studying

    Hello First off I would like to commend Sherman for the service he is doing. I know I speak for many when I say thank you for answering everyones...

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  • Social security is used for?

    I was just wondering... is your social security number used to assign you for ged testing or used to look at your student records? I was just...

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  • Where To Take The GED?

    We get a lot of emails wondering where to go to take the GED test. Here is a link that lists the GED Contacts by state. You can email or call the...

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