• GED math

    by Gloria Bullock: I just recently finished a medical assistant school and need my GED for employment I have the most trouble with math I have a Kaplan Ged book is...

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  • I need help -- money wise

    by Caity: Ok I've been wanting to take my GED for a long time now I just barely dropped out (in the 10th grade) because of family problems. And my...

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    by kevin: I took the exam on december 14-15. When can I expect the grades to arrive? Also I tried calling the department of GED, the automated message required...

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  • Test Schedualing

    by Twitterjax: If I can pass like the Science and the one of the others then I should go ahead and take the tests even though I will not pass all of them? Then will...

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  • Test Question

    by Amanda: I was wondering, if you can take like, the science test and not take the others untill the next year, that way, if you on;y have time to prepare for...

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  • Edited American English

    by Amanda: What is Edited American English exactly?

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  • GED scoring, 450 out of what?

    by Molly: Hello, I know a composite score of at least 450 must be achieved to pass the GED, but out of how much? In other words, what is the highest...

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  • Schedual

    by Twitterjax: I have the "Complete GED Prep" book and the "How to Prepare for the GED" e-book and the practice tests and then the courses with...

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  • GED questions

    by Heather: On the passged website it said the GED math test wouldn't be that hard because even if you hadn't learned some of the stuff or didn't remember it you...

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  • test 1

    by Anthony: I think that the GED system is wrong. I took all 5 test in 1 day, pass all but 1. the test that i didn't pass is language arts/writing. The essay...

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  • Is the GED the same as a High School Diploma?

    by Karen: Is the GED and the High School Diploma one in the same? I've heard the High School Diploma is better than the GED? I'm confused. Can anyone please...

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  • payments and shipments

    by CHARLENE: how

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  • Some One Please Help I Don't Understand This???

    by Ki: Hey to every one who reads this can some one please tell me like can we get are GED at this site or is this like just to study I really need to know...

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  • Dictionary with the writing test?

    by chad: Can

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  • Level of testing??

    by Sarah: Hi! My questions are: what level are all the subjects? Is the testing in math alg 2? geometry, agl 1?? And what about science?? thanks, ...

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  • Passed Test, but wants a higher score

    by Austin: Hello, I was wondering if anyone could answer my questions pretaining to the GED Test. I've taken the test already and passed with a 3100. However...

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  • GED Scoring equal to?

    by jon: I'm helping my best friend to get GED and she has been out of school for some time..We got the GED book and I had her take the pre-tests to see what...

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  • Retaking sections and study guides

    by Leigh: Hello First off I would like to commend Sherman for the service he is doing. I know I speak for many when I say thank you for answering everyones...

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  • Retaking sections and studying

    by Leigh: Hello First off I would like to commend Sherman for the service he is doing. I know I speak for many when I say thank you for answering everyones...

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  • Social security is used for?

    by Anthony: I was just wondering... is your social security number used to assign you for ged testing or used to look at your student records? I was just...

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  • Where To Take The GED?

    by Sherman: We get a lot of emails wondering where to go to take the GED test. Here is a link that lists the GED Contacts by state. You can email or call the...

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