by LUIS PEREZ: i found this site looking for information on obtaining my ged test results /or certificate.i took the test in 1975 while residing in puerto rico.can...

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  • GED test question

    by Dimitri: Hey, I have a question about the GED test. If you fail one part of the test, but pass the others, like, if you fail the maths test and pass the other...

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  • Score for GED testing

    by Mona: Hi everyone: I just want to know the score you have to obtained to pass the GED. And the score individually for each subject. Anxiously...

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  • Strange question.

    by Kelli: Hello. I took the GED test in January of 2010 and passed with an overall score of 3250. I had been out of high school for 6 years and I hadn't taken...

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  • Skipping Questions

    by Kyle: I was wondering if anyone knew for taking the newest version of the GED that is on the computer, are you allowed to skip questions and then return to...

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  • Few questions about the GED test

    by Gregory Kim: Hi, I'm planning to take a GED test late of May or first week of June. I'm living in North County area of San Diego, California. 1, Where can I...

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  • order of tests florida

    by joe: Hi, I was wondering if there are a certain order in which the tests are taken. I begin next week and was never told if they were in a specific...

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  • sores

    by ddcano: Ok, so how does the sores work? I've taken 3 parts already Social Studies 440 Reading 440 Science 470 I'm I doing good so far?

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  • Question about the age limit

    by Antonio: I am 16, home schooled, and want to take the GED. I heard that I need a note from my school to be allowed to take it at this age, but since I have...

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  • Are the practice tests harder than the actual test?

    by Toto: Hi. Like many people, I'm currently studying for my diploma and I've taken numerous online practice tests and I've often gotten significantly...

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  • Just a few questions i want to know about the GED

    by Jay: Is the test seven hours all at once? Also, can I take the test online or do I have to go to a specific test location? Is MOST of the...

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  • Diploma

    by Justin: hello, I jut have a quick question.. I passed my GED, and before I recieved my diploma in the mail, I went to the GED walk up window to pick up a...

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  • Chat

    by Josh: when I try to click on the chat window it don't work I keep getting a error message it says no login type has been specified for this chat room...

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  • Math formula page?

    by Silvie: Is it correct that you get the math formula page while taking the test? Otherwise I think its a lil difficult knowing all the formulas by heart.

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  • math test help

    by Allen Webb: man how much math do i need to knew and how much do i need to study to pass this test im relly relly dumb when it comes to math

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  • Battery Average ?

    by Diane: I have a ? about my battery average. I got a battery average of 535 on my GED test but, in order to get into the program I'd like to @ my local...

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  • How much does it cost?

    by Adrian: Dear Sherman, I was wondering how much it cost to take the GED examination. And if you have to attend classes for it or if you can just walk in one...

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  • How do I find out whrn they're holding tests?

    by Nardo T. Icarus: I recently took the second practice test and passed overall and on each individual subject. I'm confident that, with my knowledge, I could pull it...

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  • e-books

    by Gina: Has anyone else had trouble buying e-books? I am trying to buy one but I can't get past where I enter my username and password. Any suggestions or...

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  • Got my results...

    by Marcus: Well, finally got my GED scores in the mail today. Just as I suspected, they gave me bad marks in LANGUAGE ARTS, WRITING. I'm almost...

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  • GED Prep Books

    by Lola: For those of you who have taken the test, which prep book helped you the most?

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  • Essay

    by Jojo: When I worked at the career center, they showed me how the essay was scored, but the woman who helped me didn't have a very good idea of how they...

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  • Success

    by OrangeDrop: Last winter I recieved my GED after taking fast track classes at my community college. I passed it on the first time. I got the book they told us to...

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  • Fake GED Tests

    by Leonard Williams: Here is an article from a newspaper in New Jersey I thought you might be interested in. N.J. Department of Education warns against fake GED...

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  • Cost of GED test

    by Amanda: So how much does it cost to go take your GED test?

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