• 1997 GED scores

    by Nikki: Hello all!! I just received my scores from my GED test that I took in 3/1997. It shows my total score was 252. I know the scoring system changed...

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  • Subject Scoring Tables

    by Rebecca Sprouse: Hello! I recently got copies of my GED from 2001. I actually received it the day my class graduated with their diplomas! Anyways, I am not able to...

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  • GED exam as non citizen

    by Eddie Hellstrom: I was wondering if it's really possible for a foreigner to do the GED tests in USA WITHOUT having to live there? I'm from europe and there are no...

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  • Ged scores from 15 years ago

    by Lillian Johnson: Yup

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  • ged math test

    by Lindsey: I have a question for anyone who has taken the GED math test. I'm horrible with math (really bad). I'm just wondering how hard the math test is....

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  • Unsure of where to start with the math section? Here's your answer!

    by mrdoctor717: Hi guys, I just wanted to give anyone who is studying for the GED test math section, but is unsure of where to start a list of some things you...

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  • Ged 1984

    by Fakain84: Who was the Ged administrator in 1984 in the state of California? You know the official signature and name on your GED certificate? I have searched...

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  • 1999 GED Test AT

    by Kim: I'm curious to know what my scores mean. English 52 Soc Studies 56 Science 54 Literature 60 Math 58 Total 280 I know a min of 40-45 is...

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  • I Need Some Basic Info.

    by I Need Some Basic Info.: I have been studying pretty hard and i feel like i am ready, who do i talk to? Where do i take the test? Can i use scratch paper? i have so many...

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  • Can GED scores be converted into percentages?

    by Vanessa: Hi, I started writing my GED exams yesterday and received my first score. It says Standard Score 660 and Percentile Mark 95. I have more exams this...

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  • GED statistics

    by Charley: So as I am preparing for the GED, I was curious if anyone knows what the average test scores are in each subject??

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  • GED test 1996

    by Johanna: I dropped out in 10th grade and Immediately took the test in 1996 and got a total score 318 and Ave score 64 I'm applying for college finally and...

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  • 1990 Score help

    by Anna: I have seen some comments on the older test but I just wanted to understand what the difference is between the Raw Score and Standard Score is. I...

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  • 2014 GED test international

    by Jon Prehn: Hi, I'm living in Denmark, and want to take a GED test to qualify for an american college. I have noticed that a new test was introduced in 2014,...

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  • GED test dates?

    by Susan: Hi, I am from Texas and I want to know how often GED tests are given and how to see test dates without going ahead and registering to take the GED...

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  • Question about Battery Average

    by James: How many points would i need to gain a 500 Battery Average? The scores i've listed below are a non-pass in the mathematics portition getting only...

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    by T: I received my GED scores today and on my writing I got 470, social studies 470, science 430, reading 540 and math 360. Then after my math score it...

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    by Tina: Does the GED take away points if you get questions wrong?

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  • score

    by maureen: i dont understand the scoring could someone put it in the a b c ranking so i can understand what i got.

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  • Numbers of times you can retake at test (after passing) MICHIAN

    by Zippz: High, I live in Michigan and am currently taking GED prep classes. I have taken four out of the five official practice tests: Science : 800 Social...

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  • hard time with solving equations

    by kyle: im having a really hard time with equations i feel thats the only part holding me back in math how can i find somone to break it down from the...

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  • GED restesting in New York

    by Jess: I took the GED tests for the first time in 2010 and passed everything except for math (my score was 390). So, I retook the math test in January of...

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  • MY GED

    by LUIS PEREZ: i found this site looking for information on obtaining my ged test results /or certificate.i took the test in 1975 while residing in puerto rico.can...

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  • GED test question

    by Dimitri: Hey, I have a question about the GED test. If you fail one part of the test, but pass the others, like, if you fail the maths test and pass the other...

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  • Score for GED testing

    by Mona: Hi everyone: I just want to know the score you have to obtained to pass the GED. And the score individually for each subject. Anxiously...

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