• Ms.

    by Monique: Hi, I was just curious while taking a practice quiz, as to why are we presumed to know answers not listed in the passage? Example : Why does...

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  • We are at your service, Buy authentic passports, driver's license, ID card, visa, US green card, and other degrees. WhatsApp: +43 6601188767 Email: ri

    by sandra becker: We are at your service, Buy authentic passports, driver's license, ID card, visa, US green card, and other degrees. WhatsApp: +43 6601188767 ...

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  • Free 50 question sample

    by Parker: Hi everyone, There is an in-depth 50 question sample available for a free, quick download at this link: ...

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  • GED Math

    by Roger: I recently took the GED test and made a total score of 2490 and a average of 498.0, however I didn't pass they say becuase my Math score was a...

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  • GEDReady Practice Test issue

    by James: Hi All, Today I order the "official" Social Studies practice test that is available at http://www.ged.com from GEDReady. Everything was...

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  • From Word Problems To Math Expressions

    by Mr. Feliz: There are two steps to solving math word problems: (A) Translate the wording into a numeric equation that combines smaller...

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    by Tina: I recently took my ged math test (2nd time) I scored a 400. All I needed was a 410. On my science test I scored 430. I heard you can take points from...

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  • Ged Practice Test

    by Joni: Hi. I am preparing for the GED test and would like some advice. I have been taking a lot of practice test at home, making 70%-88% scores.Is this a...

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  • GED Online Helper

    by Harpazo: If you are struggling or need help with GED math questions, let know and I'll be more than happy to lend a helping hand. I may not get back to you...

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  • Correlation between practice and real test

    by Jeff Caterson: Ok, since it seems there is literally no discussion about this question on the internet... anywhere... I guess I will start one, and hopefully get a...

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  • AfxsaMyZdjODNqKbu

    by Llenlleawg: family medical insurance 8-] group health insurance xyen medicare health insurance zafhb

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  • Addition of Signed Numbers Rules

    by Mr. Feliz: Rules for Signed Numbers By Mr. Feliz Addition of Signed Numbers Rules Rule: When adding two numbers with the same signs, add the numbers...

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  • Practice test

    by Twitterjax: Hey, I took the practice test for the math and now it won't let me take it agian. It has review and retake but the retake is grey and I can't click...

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  • Practice test

    by Pierce: I am about to take my GED for real. I was just wondering of how accurate the practice test is. About how close to that score will i get? This is an...

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  • GED Exam!

    by Mindy: Hello everyone, I just got done my GED exam today, but I don't know how long will I know the results. Actually, I'm not done yet with my lesson here...

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  • Math Applications

    by Mr. Feliz: Applications is another name for word problems. Word problems are also called story problems. Try these: 1-What is two...

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  • Order of Operations

    by Guido: Lesson: Order of Operations When a numerical expression has two or more operations, there is a specific order in which these operations...

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    by Guido: If you are looking for an in-home GED Math Tutor in the New York City area, then get in touch with me at: feliz1965@yahoo.com I can also...

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    by Guido: If you need help with the GED math section, then e-mail me at feliz1965@yahoo.com I plan to post math lessons on this forum very soon. If you...

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  • adding mixed fractions

    by valerie: Hi I'm having big time trouble with the fractions I have not been in school for at least 25 yrs so any help wood be great. val

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  • International Student

    by Shivarjun: Hello sir, I am an International Student. I live in Nepal and I am currently taking GED classes going to an Institute. At further I want to study in...

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  • Subtraction of Signed Numbers

    by Mr. Feliz: How to subtract signed numbers By Mr. Feliz Rule: Change the sign of the number you are subtracting and then follow the rules for...

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  • How To Prepare For A Math Test

    by Mr. Feliz: How To Prepare For A Math Test By Mr. Feliz 1-Don't be afraid or shy to ask questions in class or after class. If you stay quiet, the...

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  • Practice Math Questions: Direct Variation

    by Guido Feliz Jr.: Math Lesson: Direct Variation By Guido Feliz, Jr (c) 2008 When two variable quantities have a constant ratio, their relationship...

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  • Essay Question

    by Eric: What a great site this is.......anyway, does anyone know if, on the essay question, the " 5 paragraph' format that is used on the SAT is...

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