• Ged abroad

    by Em: I passed my ged in paris France in 1988, I still have the original result sheet they sent me. I didn't request the diploma (stupid me). I sent...

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  • lost my ged

    by christy williams: Hello I received my ged in job corps in washington in 2003 how would I get a copy.

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  • lost my GED transcripts years ago

    by Lucinda Stevens: I obtained my GED in 1993 when living in Massachusetts. I now live in Georgia but need info on who to contact to get another copy mailed to me. Any...

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  • Ged help please

    by Stacey: Hi my name is Stacey and I live in cookeville tn I took my test at the adult education center in 2005 but lost it and they have shut down and need it...

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  • Lost my Ged!

    by Annie Hamler: I lost my copy of my Ged. I took in Hattiesburg Ms around 1992-1994.

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  • Help

    by Austen: I took my GED test in a county jail in Virginia back in 1999. Now I would like to attend college but I don't know who to contact to receive a copy of...

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  • Lost GED

    by Linda hasten: I took my GED in 1988-1989. I live in SanDiego,Ca. Contacted the school and Sacramento Board of Education. No one can help me. It's like I never had...

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  • need help finding GED RECORDS to keep working.

    by mark Nixon: Helping girlfriend acquire her GED records which she took test back in mid 80s. She lost or misplaced during her move. She needs this proof for the...

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  • need a copy of my GED

    by maria zaporta: I am applying for a county job here in Suffolk county new York and I need my certificate in order to apply . I believe it was 1982 when I took the...

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  • copies of GED transcripts

    by Anthony Sanchez: I passed the GED in Avenal State Prison in California in 1998. I lost my copy of my certificate. Now I'm TRYING to ho to college, but need a copy of...

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  • Science test and equations

    by James: I seemed to do pretty well in studying science and did relatively well on the GED Academy practice test (161 score). After reviewing my practice test...

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  • Foreigner taking GED

    by Patricia: Is it possible for a foreigner take the GED in the US while visiting to have access to the university to come back with a student visa to study?

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  • GED Reading/Language Arts

    by Andrew: Hello, I have taken several practice test, including the practice test on the http://www.Ged.com website and have not had any grammar questions....

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  • GED math test - calculator question

    by Andrew: Hello, I am taking my test this coming Wednesday. I've been prowling around for information but can not seem to find a definitive answer. How often...

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  • need a copy of my G.E.D

    by OJ: How can I get a copy if the prison has since closed... Elgin Federal Prison Camp.,.

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  • ged math text

    by shawn: I took the GED course and took all the test except for math and passed. Can I just take my math test or do I have to start over?

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  • Percentile Rank?

    by Test Taker: The percentile rank compares the mark of the GED test taker to the marks received by a group of graduating high school seniors, right? I am finding...

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  • Copy of GED

    by Ron: Joined Army in 1980 got GED while stationed in Germany, not sure exact year, Born and lived in CA, how do I go about getting a copy of the document. ...

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  • help me to find a location that I can get my GED kn french in NY,

    by lisa: Hello,please some can help me where I can get my GED in frenk in NY

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  • I need get GED?

    by Alex102: Hi, I have this question : I'm Citizen, but I live and I studied in México. Now I plan to go to work in United States in border patrol where it's...

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  • Can i take/schedule a retest before i receive scores

    by goobypls: So, im basically looking at one open spot left on the last day of 2013 testing. finished all 5 tests, pretty much breezed through them with 630 mean....

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  • GED math

    by Tika: Hello, I've taken the test and I've passed every part but math. My standard score was 2570 & my battery score was 514, but I didn't pass because my...

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  • Ged Scores

    by Tina: I took my GED and scored Writing: 470 Social Studies: 470 Science: 430 Language Arts: 540 Math: 360. I retake my math ged next week. Will...

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  • Ged Test

    by Meela: Hello I took my Math over for the 4th time. I really want this Ged!!! I just Pray that I get it this time

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    by GED Scoring: I have passed all 4 of my tests I just have to retake my math test. All I need is a 410 this chart says I need 12 correct answers to get a 410 is...

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