• Needs a copy of my son GED

    In 2004 Robert J Bradley received ss:last#6811needs copy of his ged

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    Started by MARY BRADLEY

  • Ged abroad

    I passed my ged in paris France in 1988, I still have the original result sheet they sent me. I didn't request the diploma (stupid me). I sent...

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  • lost my ged

    Hello I received my ged in job corps in washington in 2003 how would I get a copy.

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  • lost my GED transcripts years ago

    I obtained my GED in 1993 when living in Massachusetts. I now live in Georgia but need info on who to contact to get another copy mailed to me. Any...

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  • Ged help please

    Hi my name is Stacey and I live in cookeville tn I took my test at the adult education center in 2005 but lost it and they have shut down and need it...

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  • Lost my Ged!

    I lost my copy of my Ged. I took in Hattiesburg Ms around 1992-1994.

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  • Help

    I took my GED test in a county jail in Virginia back in 1999. Now I would like to attend college but I don't know who to contact to receive a copy of...

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  • Lost GED

    I took my GED in 1988-1989. I live in SanDiego,Ca. Contacted the school and Sacramento Board of Education. No one can help me. It's like I never had...

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  • need help finding GED RECORDS to keep working.

    Helping girlfriend acquire her GED records which she took test back in mid 80s. She lost or misplaced during her move. She needs this proof for the...

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  • need a copy of my GED

    I am applying for a county job here in Suffolk county new York and I need my certificate in order to apply . I believe it was 1982 when I took the...

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  • copies of GED transcripts

    I passed the GED in Avenal State Prison in California in 1998. I lost my copy of my certificate. Now I'm TRYING to ho to college, but need a copy of...

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  • Science test and equations

    I seemed to do pretty well in studying science and did relatively well on the GED Academy practice test (161 score). After reviewing my practice test...

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  • Foreigner taking GED

    Is it possible for a foreigner take the GED in the US while visiting to have access to the university to come back with a student visa to study?

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  • GED Reading/Language Arts

    Hello, I have taken several practice test, including the practice test on the http://www.Ged.com website and have not had any grammar questions....

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  • GED math test - calculator question

    Hello, I am taking my test this coming Wednesday. I've been prowling around for information but can not seem to find a definitive answer. How often...

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  • need a copy of my G.E.D

    How can I get a copy if the prison has since closed... Elgin Federal Prison Camp.,.

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  • ged math text

    I took the GED course and took all the test except for math and passed. Can I just take my math test or do I have to start over?

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    Started by shawn

  • Percentile Rank?

    The percentile rank compares the mark of the GED test taker to the marks received by a group of graduating high school seniors, right? I am finding...

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  • Copy of GED

    Joined Army in 1980 got GED while stationed in Germany, not sure exact year, Born and lived in CA, how do I go about getting a copy of the document. ...

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  • help me to find a location that I can get my GED kn french in NY,

    Hello,please some can help me where I can get my GED in frenk in NY

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  • I need get GED?

    Hi, I have this question : I'm Citizen, but I live and I studied in México. Now I plan to go to work in United States in border patrol where it's...

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  • Can i take/schedule a retest before i receive scores

    So, im basically looking at one open spot left on the last day of 2013 testing. finished all 5 tests, pretty much breezed through them with 630 mean....

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    Started by goobypls

  • GED math

    Hello, I've taken the test and I've passed every part but math. My standard score was 2570 & my battery score was 514, but I didn't pass because my...

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  • Ged Scores

    I took my GED and scored Writing: 470 Social Studies: 470 Science: 430 Language Arts: 540 Math: 360. I retake my math ged next week. Will...

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  • Ged Test

    Hello I took my Math over for the 4th time. I really want this Ged!!! I just Pray that I get it this time

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