• legit?

    hi... i know there is a lot of scam sites out there and i was wondering if anybody knew anything about http://enterprisehighschool.org/ i...

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  • wanting to know about my test scores

    How long does it take to get information back on my test scores, its been over a month.

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  • How long do you have?

    if you pass only the math I know that you don't have to take the math portion again for a certain amount of time....how long is that?

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  • i don't have a credit card?


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  • i have a question

    does anyone know of a free testing place online? i need to get a GED or a highschool diploma but i dont have money to pay for test. i am almost 18...

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  • Age in oklahoma??

    Hey i was just wondering if anyone lives in Oklahoma and know how old you have to be to take the GED?? cause i am 14 years old and home taught in...

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    Started by Salie

  • GED eliminated? Huh?

    I heard from a family member recently as well as a retiring teacher that Illinois (the state where I live) plans on getting rid of the GED soon...

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    Started by true_elven

  • Age limit for ged.

    Im 15 (10th grade) and want to get my GED done..but im not sure about the age limits in where i stay (bangkok,Thailand)...can someone find some info...

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  • I need help on my GED?

    Ok here is the thing about my GED all my life ive had someone there to modifie everthing i do so its hard for me to learn and take test on my...

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  • Age?

    i have a question about the age how old do you have to be to start trying to get your G.E.D .. i herd from somebody you can`t try to get...

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    Started by Kelly

  • trade in ged for credits

    is it possible to trade in a ged for school credits?

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    Started by ken

  • Proof of study

    I was told that here in Florida, if you fail any of the tests, that you have to bring proof that you have studied somewhere before you can get the...

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    Started by Chucho

  • How old to take GED test?

    Hi everyone. I was just wondering if anyone new of a place in rhode island where i can take the GED test at age 16. I know most places want you...

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    Started by Gary

  • How does a foreigner prepare for the GED?

    Hi, I'm a high school graduate from Ghana and would like to continue my education in the United States. I'll be arriving in the States early next...

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  • help me

    Hi. My name is Jennifer and I am 24 year old mother of 1 and I desperately need my GED. The only problem is that I don't have the money to spend on...

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    I received my GED Certificate after passing about 8 years ago and have now misplaced it. I'm wondering how to go about getting another certificate...

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  • Information

    I have a brother in a "unique" situation who wants to test for his GED. He is 17 with no high school credits and is being, for lack of a...

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  • looking for speaker

    I am looking for a speaker for my GED graduates commencement in Cranston, RI Any suggestions

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  • GED Requirements


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  • Can I study at home?

    I am very interested in taking my GED at home, because it is convenient for me.My question is this, can I study at home? I know I have to take...

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  • Information

    Can some one send me information how to get stared. Thanks

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  • 1 more question regarding the GED

    I forgot to add this question into my last post I am 18 and have been out of school for approximately 1 year. My GED test is Novemeber 6th and...

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    Started by Leigh

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