• Getting a copy of your GED

    by Laura: To get a copy of your GED certificate and/or a transcript of your score, go to GED Credential Requesting Services website and follow their...

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    by Stradni Tutt: I hope that someone can tell me how to obtain a copy of my GED. I am trying to get a pretty good job that requires proof of it, and I cannot find it...

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  • How to pass GED?

    by Igor: Hello. Could you please help me - I am immigrant from Russia and I live in Ohio since jan 2017 and I want to pass GED test in Ohio. I graduated from...

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  • i need a copy of my ged

    by scott: i lost my michigan ged copy. where do i go to have a new one sent ?

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  • Can i View my test scores online?

    by Guillovampiro: I recently found out that i passed my GED exam i am a bit anxious and dont feel like waiting for my diploma to view my test scores is there a way for...

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  • Is the GED acceptable in different countries?

    by Deepa Nanwani: My cousin plans to take the GED exams but we are sceptical as we are not sure if he can get a college degree in the UK or Holland with the GED...

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  • lost ged how do i get a copy

    by MARY: hi, can someone help me. i lost my ged and need another copy. i got my ged in Mississippi around 1993-1995. thanks

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  • Lost my ged transcript

    by Jack Nobles: I got my GED through California High School at the 32nd Street Naval Station in 1975 or 1976. I am trying to obtain a copy of my transcript, any help...

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  • lost GED

    by Arnetta: My husband got his GED about 30 years ago while in the Army, stationed in GA. He lost the original and needs a copy. We don't live in GA. Do we...

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  • How many wrong answers are allowed in math?

    by Silvie: Hey, I am taking the second part of the GED-Test, including math, in about 3 weeks. I am still not that brilliant in math. So i would like to be...

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  • Wo kaufen authentische F├╝hrerschein, Pass und Genehmigungen online(stevecarter599@gmail.com)

    by Steve Carter: Wir bieten nur original hochwertigen IDs und Passport, Visum, F├╝hrerschein, Personalausweise, Heiratsurkunden, Diplome etc. kaufen hohe...

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  • GED

    by Need help: I got my GED in prison in Illinois but I lost it need copy for a job. How can I get a copy? Please assist.

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  • Next step, after getting GED?

    by ?: It seems like the most common step, after taking and passing the GED, is to take classes at a local community college, but if you aren't ready for...

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  • Lost G. E. D

    by Michael Davis: I lost my G. E. D, how do I obtain a copy? I received it while incarcerated at Yazoo City, Mississippi Federal prison

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  • GED hotline

    by Justin Garcia: Hello, I have a question about getting my GED results. Its been about 3 weeks since I've taken my GED test (2 weeks, and 5 days to be exact) And...

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  • Ged

    by Lisa: Greetings ,Iam currently writing my GED ,I am left with writing English writing and Maths ,I have done the rest and passed ,I wanted to know if I can...

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  • Needs a copy of my son GED

    by MARY BRADLEY: In 2004 Robert J Bradley received ss:last#6811needs copy of his ged

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  • Ged abroad

    by Em: I passed my ged in paris France in 1988, I still have the original result sheet they sent me. I didn't request the diploma (stupid me). I sent...

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  • lost my ged

    by christy williams: Hello I received my ged in job corps in washington in 2003 how would I get a copy.

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  • lost my GED transcripts years ago

    by Lucinda Stevens: I obtained my GED in 1993 when living in Massachusetts. I now live in Georgia but need info on who to contact to get another copy mailed to me. Any...

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  • Ged help please

    by Stacey: Hi my name is Stacey and I live in cookeville tn I took my test at the adult education center in 2005 but lost it and they have shut down and need it...

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  • Lost my Ged!

    by Annie Hamler: I lost my copy of my Ged. I took in Hattiesburg Ms around 1992-1994.

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  • Help

    by Austen: I took my GED test in a county jail in Virginia back in 1999. Now I would like to attend college but I don't know who to contact to receive a copy of...

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  • Lost GED

    by Linda hasten: I took my GED in 1988-1989. I live in SanDiego,Ca. Contacted the school and Sacramento Board of Education. No one can help me. It's like I never had...

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  • need help finding GED RECORDS to keep working.

    by mark Nixon: Helping girlfriend acquire her GED records which she took test back in mid 80s. She lost or misplaced during her move. She needs this proof for the...

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