• lost ged from navy

    I'm trying to get a copy of my husbands ged from the navy in the early 80's can you help? I am not able to find link from the Ace website that was...

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  • Five Untruths About the GED

    1. THE GED IS EXPENSIVE TO TAKE. Fees for taking the GED range from FREE to $200 or more depending on the state. Check with local social...

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  • GED Practice Test

    Hi. I have been taking many practice test for the GED and would like some advice on the score. I am making 70%-88% correct on the 50 question...

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  • Math Word Problems.

    Just signed up for this online program yesterday. And i been going threw alot of practice test. But i had one with word problems,and i cant seem to...

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  • what are the pros and cons of a GED

    im thinking of getting my GED so that i can graduate early because i am having alot of problems with my school, but before i do this i want to know...

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  • Additional Articles

    For more recent newsletters and articles, go to http://www.passged.com/leonards_mail/ and http://www.passged.com/blog/ Also, if you'd like a...

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  • fractions!

    Hi i got the course but i can't find no Online Teacher Support. anyways i need help with fractions. The problem is i don't see how you get 3/10...

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  • passGED Articles Blog

    Here are the articles on every facet of the GED. Just click on the link: http://passged.com/blog/ We add articles to this site every few...

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  • How Solving Math Word Problems Is Like Playing Video Games

    It is not uncommon for students to dread doing math word problems. What you may not realize is that solving word problems is a lot like playing...

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  • Advice From GED Test Takers

    We have compiled the emails we have received from people who have passed the GED. Here are some of these letters. Dear Sherman, My advice to...

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  • Where Do I Start?

    Dear Sherman, I have a friend that would like to get her GED and I would like to help her. Can you give me some information on where we need to...

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  • How To Get Motivated To Study

    Here's a study suggestion: All the schedules in the world are not going to help if you cannot find the internal motivation to study and get...

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  • Prepare For The GED Like It Was An Athletic Event

    Here's a good way to think about the GED. The seven-hour GED test series is grueling. For people who are accustomed to working on their...

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  • I Can Remember Algebra?

    Who remembers Algebra? Even more to the point, who wants to? The GED contains a number of Algebra problems. Not enough to flunk the test if...

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  • Interesting Facts about the GED

    1. One out seven high school graduates has earned his or her diploma through a GED program. 2. Famous people who have a GED: Bill Cosby, NAACP...

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