• lost ged from navy

    by Linda: I'm trying to get a copy of my husbands ged from the navy in the early 80's can you help? I am not able to find link from the Ace website that was...

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  • Five Untruths About the GED

    by Sherman: 1. THE GED IS EXPENSIVE TO TAKE. Fees for taking the GED range from FREE to $200 or more depending on the state. Check with local social...

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    Started by Sherman

  • GED Practice Test

    by Beth: Hi. I have been taking many practice test for the GED and would like some advice on the score. I am making 70%-88% correct on the 50 question...

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    Started by Beth

  • Math Word Problems.

    by DeAngelo: Just signed up for this online program yesterday. And i been going threw alot of practice test. But i had one with word problems,and i cant seem to...

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  • what are the pros and cons of a GED

    by chris: im thinking of getting my GED so that i can graduate early because i am having alot of problems with my school, but before i do this i want to know...

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  • Additional Articles

    by Leonard Williams: For more recent newsletters and articles, go to http://www.passged.com/leonards_mail/ and http://www.passged.com/blog/ Also, if you'd like a...

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  • fractions!

    by versual: Hi i got the course but i can't find no Online Teacher Support. anyways i need help with fractions. The problem is i don't see how you get 3/10...

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  • passGED Articles Blog

    by Leonard Williams: Here are the articles on every facet of the GED. Just click on the link: http://passged.com/blog/ We add articles to this site every few...

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  • How Solving Math Word Problems Is Like Playing Video Games

    by Sherman: It is not uncommon for students to dread doing math word problems. What you may not realize is that solving word problems is a lot like playing...

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    Started by Sherman

  • Advice From GED Test Takers

    by Sherman: We have compiled the emails we have received from people who have passed the GED. Here are some of these letters. Dear Sherman, My advice to...

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    Started by Sherman

  • Where Do I Start?

    by Tara Ness: Dear Sherman, I have a friend that would like to get her GED and I would like to help her. Can you give me some information on where we need to...

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  • How To Get Motivated To Study

    by Michael Ormsby: Here's a study suggestion: All the schedules in the world are not going to help if you cannot find the internal motivation to study and get...

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    Started by Michael Ormsby

  • Prepare For The GED Like It Was An Athletic Event

    by Michael Ormsby: Here's a good way to think about the GED. The seven-hour GED test series is grueling. For people who are accustomed to working on their...

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  • I Can Remember Algebra?

    by Sherman: Who remembers Algebra? Even more to the point, who wants to? The GED contains a number of Algebra problems. Not enough to flunk the test if...

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  • Interesting Facts about the GED

    by Sherman: 1. One out seven high school graduates has earned his or her diploma through a GED program. 2. Famous people who have a GED: Bill Cosby, NAACP...

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    Started by Sherman

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