• Anxiety with timed tests

    by Jade S: Hi I'm 16 and was supposed to take my GED about 7 months ago. When I was 15 I studied all year using a range of books so I could take the test at 16....

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    Started by Jade S

  • Do I still need GED?

    by Mindybless: Hello every one, actually I've been for this site for about 3 months already, I just found out that there's a furom in this site. Where I can post my...

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  • ok so this week i'm going to study science only

    by sunflower: OK so this week i'm going to study science only. for the past two weeks i've been over studying since my readying comprehension was on a very love...

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  • I like this program allot

    by sunflower: I must say I was skeptical when i sign up for this class but I just spent 4 hours studying even though I didn't pass any subject when I was done I...

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  • All over again?

    by mike: I have been working on my ged for a good time now i paseed everything but math the frist time i ever took the test in summer 2003. I have went back...

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  • test

    by test: test

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    Started by test

  • Its feels good when you get it

    by JustenB: I got my results back today and i score a 2850 im excited now i get to move on to college. I suggest everyone read and you know what really helps...

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    Started by JustenB

  • Math Study Tips

    by Guido: 1 Write down the "title" of the lesson. If you don't know, ask the teacher. 2 Write down the math problem...

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  • New Beginning

    by Marcie : Hi My name is Marcie i am 20 years old, I'll be 21 in July. I have been out of school for almost two years, sitting on my but for a year. I left...

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  • Who's Fault Is It?

    by Sam: Hereƕs a question. Why do people drop out of high school? Is it the fault of the educational system or the fault of the student? What do you...

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    Started by Sam

  • My Mother

    by Tina M McCumber: My Mother Hello , I am looking forward to The GED online as way back. Back in the 80's my mother in New Brunswick ... who was in her 30's...

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    Started by Tina M McCumber

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