• Should I get my GED???

    I'm a teen mom, currently a Junior at a school that makes us work independently. I like it but I have never been good at school. I have been to 5...

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  • Countdown to GED! :)

    Hi guys, I thought I'd join in. I moved to the US for years ago and always ha going to college in the back of my head but apparently my foreign...

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  • Stopped Going

    Several years ago I just stopped going to school altogether after I left middle school I never went into High School. I also never dropped out of...

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  • Got my transcript!!!!

    Hey guys, got my transcript on Saturday I was pretty disappointed with myself on a few scores, especially the math section only scoring a 440. The...

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    Started by Ryan

  • Why Dropout of School?

    Hi I am a Sociology major at Worcester State College. I will be doing some research next semester on the factors that lead...

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  • My story

    Growing up I always had problems with school. I was predisposed to failure due to a mental abnormality, Asperger's syndrome, a mild form of Autism....

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  • A "Thank You" to Passged.com

    I am 37 years old and I just passed my GED test the first time I took it. I knew it wouldn’t be easy; it’s been almost 20 years since I didn’t...

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    Started by Ty

  • I need some advice, asap

    Okay, well im 16, I'll be 17 in april and i'm a junior in high school in virginia. My parents are both un employed and its hard for us to make ends...

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  • any advice please?

    Hi everyone . I don't know if this was the right place for this or no. I took 2 ged tests reading and SS and got 510 score on each. I'm from Iraq...

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  • Passed it

    I went do H.S for 4 years but have been failing almost every class except for Gym. Not because i was stupid and didn't understand anything in the...

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  • I want to drop out

    Hi... Im 17 years old and am a senior. This year has been probably one of the worst years of school I have ever had. I've never been good at school....

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  • It's Unofficial!

    So... I just took my GED for the first time yesterday, and checked the wizard that they give you for the unofficial transcript...... Good news! I...

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  • I pass the GED Test.

    I just wanted to say thank you guys so much at GED ACADEMY. I finally did it, now i'm going on to college and trying to sign up for the amry, thanks...

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    Started by Claudette

  • GED Math Fail.

    So, I took my math part of the GED test on Wednesday. I got my result back and got a score of 400! Only 10 away from passing! I'm so upset and I...

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  • Looking for online study partner

    I've had my GED book for several months now and I'm just now getting around to study. My hours at work were recently cut back so this now gives me...

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  • Have taken the GED

    I have already taken the GED here in albuquerque, NM last august 10,11. I past everything but the math and writing. I am persistent,determined to...

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  • Never, ever give up you will earn it!

    Hello future Graduates! Some of us had to withdraw from high school. Many of us wished we could have finished with our peers, and as we grow...

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  • 7th grade education**** with faith in God anything can happen

    i would have never thought in a million years that i would be here and say that i have my ged! I was 13 years old when i had to be taken out of...

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  • essay

    hi GED comrades, i've taken the test without any practise test or classes but only passed the Math, 440.But the SStudies 320,reading 390.My two...

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  • a second opinion..

    hi my name is Brian, im 17, im from vegas ive been reading alot of these storys and read alot replies by those who were kind enough to take the...

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  • anyone here use the passged program ?

    im trying to find out just how good this program is for 300$ lol cant find much of anything over the net i have ADHD so hard to keep my mind onto...

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  • some one to review my essay?

    I was reading my "How to prepare for the GED" book, and it said there was a course in this program where some one will give me feedback on...

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  • Never recieved GED diploma. Worst thing that has ever happened to me in my entire life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    In the other thread I mentioned that I passed the test and the Massachusetts Department of Education sent out the diploma in late september. I never...

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    Started by Sean

  • Different views on the GED

    I guess everyone has a different view of how they study. I thought I might mention a way to look at the GED in general. I haven't taken my test...

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    Started by dwain c

  • Planning to take a Ged test on june

    Hi, I'm planning to take a GED test on June. (I was studying GED with GED acedemy program since last year november.) I'm confident at social and...

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