• I passed the first half of my GED test

    by Danielle Smith: I took my test and passed the first half of it with the help of passged.com. The test seemed to be a little more difficult than the practice test on...

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  • I passed the GED test. Waiting for diploma.

    by Sean: Hello all. I passed the GED test in early september 2010 with above average scores. I recieved my scores/transcript and I was wondering when I should...

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    Started by Sean

  • 1999 testing questions.

    by Steven: 245 needed to pass. How can I rate a 289 total standard score?

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  • test scores

    by larry: I took the test in 1977 and received a total score of 274 would that pass today? math-51 science-63 social studies-60 language arts-47 language...

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  • Ged 1994

    by Luis: Hello I took my GED while working back in 1994...at the time it was a great accomplishment for me but now at 46 I feel that I should purse my...

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  • Stories by GED students and graduates

    by Michael Ormsby: Here's a link where GED students can put their stories about the GED. Check it out and add your story. It will inspire others to be...

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    Started by Michael Ormsby

  • My score

    by Mausami: I have taken my GED after 2014, and scored between 145-150 in 2subjects. And according to new law, if I have taken GED after 2014 and scored above...

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  • Ged fail

    by Nelly: The test said I failed right. I passed math science social studies language art but failed writing . Does that mean I have to retake the whole test...

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  • 1 down 3 to go!!!

    by Janna: Well, I have just passed my first test! I took the Social Studies test last Friday and passed. I have to admit it was harder than I thought it...

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  • Is GED 2002 accepted in the USA.

    by Daniel: I am a US citizen living abroad with my family for the last few years. I'm living in Bangladesh and attending at a local school. I'm planing to move...

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  • I'm so confused. I failed the essay but they said I pass.

    by Waankrua: I'm so confused. I took a GED exam last month in Language Art Writing and Reading. I failed the essay part and I e-mailed Prometric to ask if I have...

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  • I finally took my GED & PASSED!

    by Nicole: Long story short, I had a very bad home life when I was a teenager which caused me to imancipate myself, start working and drop out of highschool. I...

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  • bad at reading and writing

    by Jasmine: Hey I am really bad at reading and writing. I am scared to take my GED reading and writing tests. Is there any advice anyone can give me to help me...

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  • I stopped going to school in the 6th grade

    by Jesse M: My brother and I weren't doing well in school so our parents took us out to home school us. I didn't work for 3 reasons. Reason 1, we didn't even get...

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  • Experience with 2014 test

    by Derek: Does anyone have experience with the new test they could share with people who are studying now?

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  • Still looking up

    by Ruben: I stopped going to school in the 6th grd, my parents both got incarcerated for 30+ years and my sisters and I were left with living with my...

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  • Finally going to do it.

    by Anita: I was 15 almost 16 when I dropped out of high school. The reasons for dropping out are many. I have 3 older brothers and I was the youngest of us...

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  • I got my GED in February

    by Tracomop: Ii took my 3 days a weeks and a little over a year after I started the classes but I finally was able to get my GED. I think a year is pretty good...

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  • first timer on this site and wanted to give you guys some pointers

    by Ryan: Hey guys, it has been a little over 3 years since I got my GED. I was out of high school for around 7 or 8 years prior and dealing with some...

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  • My story

    by Shira: My story has began almost a year ago when I found out I will need a 12 years of education diploma. I've been homeschooled (or more correctly -...

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  • How long does it usually take to get your writing scores?

    by Jade: Today I checked my unofficial scores on the school's provided address... All scores in and passed except writing is NS... Took writing before math...

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  • Should I get my GED???

    by Alicia: I'm a teen mom, currently a Junior at a school that makes us work independently. I like it but I have never been good at school. I have been to 5...

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  • Countdown to GED!

    by Marilyn: Hi guys, I thought I'd join in. I moved to the US for years ago and always ha going to college in the back of my head but apparently my foreign...

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  • Stopped Going

    by Tim: Several years ago I just stopped going to school altogether after I left middle school I never went into High School. I also never dropped out of...

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  • Got my transcript!!!!

    by Ryan: Hey guys, got my transcript on Saturday I was pretty disappointed with myself on a few scores, especially the math section only scoring a 440. The...

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    Started by Ryan

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