• Looking into the program

    Hi, I'm really needing my GED. I've been to the testing center, an taken a littl test to see where I need to study. Mostly math and apparently social...

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  • Prices

    I have two children that are currently homeschooled, and I was wondering if there is a pricing difference if I sign them both up. I found the price...

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  • Progress

    Does anyone feel as if that red bar never moves??

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  • Ged classes

    To whom it may concern, Im trying to reach jobs plus to get information to start ged classes by Next month, anyone with information please Reply....

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  • Re-testing question

    Hi there, I re-tested in language arts -writing and scored 20 points lower than the first time. Which score will be recognized when my transcript...

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  • study buddie

    i need a some help how to write newsletters

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    Started by Austin

  • accommodation for dygraphia/dyslexia help or info

    I'm having trouble in the ( Extended Response) part of the GED test and was asked about my old school records showing that I have learning...

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  • Dyscalculia struggles!

    Acknowledging that everyone is wired differently, I'm looking for new approaches that I can apply to my studies. I am very determined to confront my...

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  • Motivation/Study Buddy Needed

    I left public school when I was in the third grade. I never really got along with the other students. I did homeschooling up until my 11th year which...

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  • someone to talk to to help with my writing

    Hey is there anyone out there who would email me so I can practice my writing skills? If there is please email me at musicislife948@gmail.com . I...

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  • Hey

    I really need help with my writing. Everything else is within 90's and 100's. And my writing is down in the 70-80's. If you can, email me at ...

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  • GED science test

    I need some good study tips if anyone knows any good ones let me know

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    Started by luis

  • 2015 GED

    I'm new to this site, I am 43 years old and I will be going to get my ged.. I very upset at myself for thinking I knew it all when I was 18 and left...

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  • It's NEVER too late

    Allot of people are concerned that sometimes it's just too late for them to get their G.E.D. No matter how old you are no matter what personal...

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  • We can help each other

    Hello everyone!I am a Chinese student,my name is Mingwei Li,you can also call me Vivian. Because my English is not so good,I think it will be great...

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  • Certificate question

    Hi guys, please I need to know if in the GED certificate is showed the complete date when you took the GED, day, month, year. Or maybe they mark...

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  • International

    Hi, I'm from Paris in France and i'm going to take the GED in France, so it's the 2002 series. Your website don't propose this? Have 2 months for...

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  • Help with Fractions

    I have passed all the GED test except math. I have the hardest time with fractions. Is there an easy way to do fractions without it looking...

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  • I took my GED tests

    Hello, I finally wrote the tests, just this past Fri and Sat, but I do not feel good about it. I have had a horrible feeling of dread in the pit of...

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  • Lee

    Why can't I logon into the Ged result website? Is it down, I keep getting an error.

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  • Ged score

    Hi, just wondering if the ged wizard web site is down cause I keep getting an error message when I tried to login.

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    Started by Jaags2320

  • GED Maths Test Problem??

    Could anyone help me or give me any advice. I am completing the GED from Dublin, Ireland. I have passed my first four tests and now have the...

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    Hi everyone so i took my ged and here are my scores Writing(500)..Social studies(420)&Science(420) & i failed my reading and math i got 380 on those...

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  • 1998 G.E.D. test scores

    I took the G.E.D. test back in 1998 and was wondering what my scores mean. I did not do very well in math, however I did pass the test. My total was...

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  • Do they time the tests as well?

    I finished the math portions the fastest out of the group and got 800 on the test. Did the time make a difference? And how could getting that score...

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