• Help! Math Expressions Typed right and correct are counted for Incorrect

    Hi, I was studying the Order of Operations, and when I got to the practice problems, even if I had typed and formulated the expressions correctly,...

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  • I'm really having a hard time

    Hello, I am really having a hard time understanding this ged. I cant seem to pass none of the assignments in reading or in science any suggestions on...

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  • Welcome

    Welcome to passGED Forum, an online community of people preparing for the GED and the people who care about them. We invite you to be a part of this...

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  • Math Help

    I would like to work with someone on math problems. Preferably to chat with online together. I am usually on in the mornings around 9 until 11. I...

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  • I WANT my GED!!!!

    Hey Ya ll !! Okay I am from Texas and we have a state exit exam so our senior year of high school if we don't pass it well we don't get our high...

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  • Attending GED Classes

    Hey everyone, I'm now starting GED classes in NC and was wondering does all states have to take the Tabe test? Any info is helpful

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  • Lost GED

    I got my GED in Georgia and i have lost it and need to get into this school for a better job can someone please help me figure out how to obtain...

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  • Duplicate Diploma

    Greetings someone! My mom lost my high school diploma over 16 years ago and i love in florida and need to know how to receive a duplicate copy of...

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  • Subject order on the actual GED test

    Greetings, I will be taking my GED test soon, and I have a few questions regarding the test: What is the subject order on the real GED test? Will...

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  • The Writers Notebook

    Welcome fellow GED students, I have been enrolled in passGED for a few months now, and cannot say enough good about this course. I would like...

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  • when are we getting home work

    If you dont have classes where we get homework then what is this stuff.we can learn just reading things have to have work to from teachers.

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    I received my GED in 1992.I just came across my scores in some old boxes,and I feel really dumb,I do not know what my scores mean.my standard score...

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